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Poplar Grove Airport (C77), Poplar Grove, IL

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State Of The Chapter Address


July 2018 

Hey All, 

Chapter 1414 Needs your HELP! 

We have a desperate need for a person(s) to put up and/or take down our Pancake Breakfast signs. The person will need either a pick-up truck, SUV, or trailer. The 30 signs get put up the week before each pancake breakfast (usually Sunday or Monday) and get taken down within 2 days after each pancake breakfast. 

Since this job is critically important to the success of our events, the chapter will pay $50 ($25 for putting up, $25 for taking down). It takes about 1.5 - 2 hours to put the signs up & 1 - 1.5 hours to take the signs down. 

Candidate doesn't have to be a member. All we need is a reliable person with a drivers license and vehicle who is willing & able to help out! 

If you know of anyone who can help, please contact me at 

And now, here's what's been going on at Chapter 1414: 

Chapter 1414 Scholarship Awarded 

Congratulations to Jacob Shadinger, the recipient of the 2018 EAA Chapter 1414 Scholarship. If you regularly attend our pancake breakfasts, you have probably seen Jacob helping out. Jacob is starting his Senior year this Fall, with the goal of getting accepted to the USAF Academy. Jacob plans to use the $1000 scholarship to help fund his Private Pilot training. Best of Luck, Jacob!! 

Young Eagles Credits help send kids to AirVenture 2018 

Thanks to the efforts of all the Young Eagles volunteers, your chapter earned enough credits to help send 9 Aviation Explorers from the museum's Youth Exploring Aviation program to #OSH18. 

These young people volunteer all week at AirVenture, parking airplanes, helping with taxiway safety, recording flight operations, and a bunch of other things. EAA provides the Explorer's with weekly wristbands; our credits will help cover their other expenses. 

If you would like to help out with Young Eagles at Chapter 1414, either as a ground volunteer or a pilot, contact Scott Crane at 

May & June Pancake Breakfasts 

We had low clouds and rainy conditions for both our May and June pancake breakfasts, so no one flew in. But, we still served about 200 breakfasts at each one and were profitable thanks to the support and attendance of our local community. A big thanks to all who attended and all who volunteered! 

With sunny skies, light winds, and 80 degree temperatures in the forecast, I'm sure that our July 8th Breakfast will be very busy, both at the grilles and the Young Eagles flight desk. Come out and help or come out and eat, but come out and share the Spirit of Aviation with our community! 

Fly-out to Kelch Aviation Museum @ Brodhead 

On Saturday, May 26th, about 12 aircraft and 20 people flew/drove out to get a personal tour of the aircraft in the Kelch Aviation Museum collection at Brodhead airport. Pat Weeden and his staff were so generous, providing their time and knowledge, cool drinks, and golf-cart transporation around the field as we visited the multiple hangars that house the collection until their new museum building is constructed. 

Afterwards, about 8 planes flew down to Rochelle for lunch and skydive-watching at the Flight Deck Bar & Grill, 

You can see some pictures of the trip on our Facebook group at 

If you would like to learn more about the Kelch Museum, check out their webpage at 

Take Care, 

Ed Myers 
President, EAA Chapter 1414

EAA Chapter 1414 Facebook Group Page

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If you haven't already....PLEASE PAY YOUR DUES!!!    Thank you

New membership directory is available to all members paid up for 2015.  Those having paid before it was available should be sure to get their copy from Adolph Svec.

We would like to give a big thank you to Ken Kresmery for heading up the directory project and Rob Strickland for all his help in gathering and arranging the members' data for the directory. 

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Chapter: EAA 1414

President: Ed Myers

Location:  Poplar Grove Airport (C77)

   5151 Orth Rd

   Box 14 

   Poplar Grove, IL. 61065


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